Can you multi-task? or Why can’t I have my phone in class?

Students think they can do many things at a time and do them all well. There are many studies and articles out  that contradict that belief.

Laptop multitasking hinders classroom learning… Ruminating...

More recently this research has been conducted about smartphone use (7/30/15) and teen friendships and social media (8/6/15).


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What do you think? Can you do homework while browsing twitter? Can you read and listen to your favorite band at the same time? Read the article that goes with this survey. For this assignment ONLY, you can have out your phone in class. Read the article and answer the questions with the survey just like you would do it for an assignment from home. Let’s see how you do with the questions and compare your results with other students.

When you are finished, post your thoughts about this topic on your Weebly blog page. Do some research and find another article that will give evidence for either pro or con the effects of multi-tasking (or both). Put this link on your weebly page.

The results of our informal survey (fall 2013) can be found by clicking here!

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Apple vs. FBI

Tim Cook, the head of the company, recently criticized a court order seeking a special version of iOS that would help the Federal Bureau of Investigation access data stored on a terrorist’s iPhone. Apple has refused to comply with the order.

Read the article: Apple vs. the FBI – what you need to know or watch the video below:

Do a Google News Search and find two recent articles with conflicting opinions. Evaluate each and decide which side you are for.

Write a blog post regarding your decision. Be sure to include the links to the articles you have read.

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