Domain Names

Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas, announced on Twitter that he is beginning his bid to be President of the United States.

Whether you are a supporter or not, Mr. Cruz has one thing working against him….he does not own the domain

What is a domain?

Why buy a domain name? To protect your identity…see another example (who owns these).

You can check who owns a domain using whois or this whois. This will tell you who owns the website and help identify if the site is relevant or not.

Use the whois tool to identify the following owners of these domains:

  • your weebly domain name:
  • choose two other domains that you are familiar with

You can purchase a domain. What domain name should I purchase and what extension should I use (.com, .org, .us).

You need to use a domain registrar. Some of these are godaddy or network solutions. Use these tools and come up with two domain names that are available, one needs to include your name (or brand). Need inspiration (or help) with a new name? Click here




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