Share Joys Activities to try…

Google Santa Tracker – a new game each day in December Elf Yourself… Finish Hour of Code activities Share Joys – Thursday and Friday. Last year, MHS students and faculty raised $46,000 for our students in need! Let’s do better than that! #molinepride — MHS Help Desk (@mhshelpus) December 13, 2017

Share Joys 2017

If each class meets the minimum requirements (35 tickets per class or about 1 tickets per student), we will have an alternative class option on Friday, December 15. All tickets must be turned in by your class period on Thursday. Collected tickets from classes that do not meet the minimum requirement, will not be returned!!

Run Microsoft Office on your chromebook free!

To run Office on your chromebook free, you will need to sign up at the following link: Enter your school e-mail and check it for a code that is required to use Office 365. Although Office 365 is not exactly like the Office 2016 version we use in class, it is very similar and …

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