Day 7 June 17

Upgrading Memory Chapter 7

Daily Tech Update

Guide to Managing Maintaining Your PC (GMM) Chapter  7 Power Point



Assignments in Class

  • Assignment – Reviewing the Basics Page 324-325 Group)
  • Assignment – Thinking Critically Page 325 (Group)
  • Assignment – Page 326 7-3 (individual) – Use your own computer or do research on a tech site.
  • Assignment/Homework- RAM Upgrade Worksheet (Individual)

The above assignments will be done in class.


Lab –

  • Lab 7.1, Lab 7.2 in 2-102 Computer Lab
  • 4-102 Computer Lab – Pick a broken computer in lab, remove the RAM, put it in a working computer. Test to see if the RAM is doubled.


  • Read Chapter 8
  • Research for Daily Tech

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