Instructions for installing Ubuntu:

  1. Connect all peripherals to the mac mini Restart the mini, hold down the ‘C’ key and put in the install CD.
  2. A black Ubuntu screen should come up asking what you would like to do.
  3. Choose English
  4. Choose install (2nd option) and follow the instructions.
  5. Central time zone
  6. For keyboard-choose your own, select USA-Macintosh-Forward
  7. This Next Step is very important!!!!!!
    • Prepare disk space:
    • Select erase and use entire disk
    • Forward
    • Use the user name: maroonsxx (where xx is a number) and password: maroonsxx
    • Follow the rest of the online instructions.
  8. Once the install is complete, I will need to connect your machine to the wireless access point.
  9. Complete all updates. System-Administration-Update manager.
  10. Test all apps, especially Firefox. Make sure it has all necessary plugins to show everything for http://www.iteachtech.com/wp
  11. Use the Ubuntu Software Center (under Applications) and install a couple of software packages.
  12. Install Libre Office
  13. Install a printer.
    • Go to System-Admin-Printing
    • New
    • Network Printer-LPD/LPR Host or printer
    • Use the ip address:
    • Forward
    • Choose the driver: HP
    • Forward
    • Laserjet 4000 (choose the top-recommended option)
    • Installable options-just click Forward (we have no options)
    • Change the Location to B321 click Apply
    • You should have the option to print a test page-Yes if you want one, No if you don’t
  14. Write a short document in Libre Office, include Clip Art or a picture.
  15. Remember to DOCUMENT everything in Google Docs!! Include your name and your partners name, share the doc with mrb@mhsstudents.net
    • Include the following: Version of Ubuntu, Software Packages that were installed.
    • Compare Libre Office to Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Do you think this is as good as either? Why/Why Not. Advantages/Disadvantages.

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