j simpson

j simpson

An Avatar is A virtual representation of the player in a game. Today, you will create a couple of images that you will eventually use in your assignments. One image should be a regular picture. Another image should be an avatar.

To create the image, visit the web page: http://www.cameroid.com/

First, create a regular picture and save the jpg (by clicking on the disk icon). You can experiment with the effects if you have time.

Second, create an avatar.

You can use this list: http://mashable.com/2007/09/12/avatars/

Or this list: http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=59067



Be aware that not all work at school and some require user registration. Others are difficult to manipulate. You can open the avatar page by clicking the link to the left and below the page image. Save the avatar to your documents folder to use at a later time. Remember what site you used.

More avatar creators here: http://www.bitrebels.com/design/10-twitter-avatar-creators-image-yourself/

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