A worksheet can be used to determine the time you spend on different activities during one week.

a) Create a new workbook.

b) Enter the following labels in row 1 starting in column A: Activity, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

c) Bold all the labels in row 1. Right align all the days of the week labels.

d) Change the width of columns B through H so they are just wide enough to display the labels entirely.

e) Starting in row 3, enter the appropriate label and number of hours you spend each day of the week on each of the following activities:

  • school classes
  • athletics
  • extracurricular groups and clubs
  • studying and doing homework
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • watching television, listening to music, or relaxing
  • talking on the phone
  • doing chores
  • working at a job

Change the width of column A to display all the labels and data entirely. Format all the hours to display 2 decimal places.

f) Save the workbook naming it Activity.

g) Most people’s schedules do not account for all 24 hours in a day. In the row after the last activity, enter formulas that calculate the amount of unaccounted time in your schedule for each day. Include an appropriate label for the unaccounted time.

h) In cell I1, enter the label Total Hours and widen the column to entirely display the label. Enter formulas that calculate the total hours spent for the week on each activity. Format the total hours to display 2 decimal places.

i) In cell J1, enter the label Avg. Hours and widen the column to entirely display the label. Enter formulas that calculate the average number of hours spent per day on each activity for the week. Format the averages to display 2 decimal places.

Now, your spreadsheet should look like the picture below:


j) Add a column called Max and one called Min at the right of your spreadsheet.

k) Change all appropriate formulas to a function!! That means, change the Total columns to =sum(range). Look at cell J3 for an example.

l) Create a header that right aligns your name.

m) Save the modified Activity.


~~~~~~~~~~~ Add a chart

m) Decide what type of chart would best illustrate the data and create a chart on the active sheet that illustrates the average time you spent doing each of your activities. Include an appropriate title, legend, axes labels, and formatting.

Screencast of how to do Activity is posted here!!

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