Future Technology

Microsoft Vision Video 3/2015  6:28

Microsoft Vision Video 2017

Microsoft 20/20 Video  (best)

Ehang 184 Drone 2/2018

Samsung Future Video

The Future of Glass 11:24

Inspired By Glass-Corning 5:34

Microsoft Vision Video 6:18

John Deere Farm Forward Video 5:54

CNH Autonomous Tractor (6/2016) 8:00

John Deere Tango E5

Double Robotics 

Sico Robot (Rocky)

Ted Talk – Patty Maes 6th Sense Video 8:45

iPhone Concept 3:15

iHome Smart Home Plug ins 1:00

3D Printers – Invisibility

Kinect to Scratch Video 1:01

Google Glass 2:31

Google Car ABC Video 3:23 CNN Video 3:21

Verizon Future VGO Robot 1:03

Kinect Hacks NYTimes

3D Printer 2:10

Future Input Devices List with video


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