Computer Definition

Computer Definition

Define the following words by placing the term on one line and the definition immediately below.

Terms:  CPU, peripherals, hardware, application software, operating system software, netbook, notebook, personal computer, cloud computing, OEM, SSID, Wi-Fi, RAM, DHCP, input device, output device.

Use or to assist. Save as Computer Definitions

  1. Place the title:  Computer Parts at the top, centered, size 20.
  2. Return 2 times
  3. Set up a table to place the term in the left cell and the definition on the right cell (2×17).
  4. Put the word: Term in the upper left cell and the word Definition in the upper right cell.
  5. Place all the terms in bold and italics.
  6. Change the definitions to be size 10 with no other formatting (if you copy and paste, use edit-paste special-text only).
  7. Apply a table style of your choosing to the entire table (design-table style)
  8. Double space again.
  9. At the bottom of the definitions, add another table (2×5).
  10. In the first cell type in:  INPUT DEVICES and the next cell type: OUTPUT DEVICES.
  11. Insert a picture of one of the input devices and one of the output devices. One picture must be a google  search using advanced Image Search and Usage Rights set to “labeled for reuse with modification,” one picture must be from and one image must be downloaded from Microsoft Clip Art Online Gallery. Be sure to add attribution to each image. Center each image in the table cell. Adjust the size of the image so they are all approximately the same height.
  12. List 4 devices (of each type) and images under each of the categories above.
  13. Add your name, date, and assignment name in the footer (tab between each).
  14. Proofread and spell-check your work.
  15. Save this document as: Computer Definition

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