In a new document create a one-page (4 to 5 paragraph) description of your last vacation. Describe where you went, how you traveled, what you saw, and what you did. Include a hyperlink to a Web site that contains additional information about the vacation area. Use the default margins and formats. Check the document on screen for errors and misspellings and make any corrections.

Check the document for spelling and grammar errors and save the document naming it Vacation. Don’t go on to Part 2 until instructed to.

Part 2

  1. Put your name at the top of the document right aligned
  2. Put the date at the top of the document right aligned.
  3. Remove the hyperlink from the document and instead make the text outline (yes, I know this doesn’t make sense).
  4. Set the entire documents left and right indent at 1 inch.
  5. Bold all City names. (Your document should have a city mentioned at least once)
  6. Change the line spacing for the entire document at 1.5

Save and print the document. Don’t go on to Part 3 until instructed to do so.

Part 3

  1. Fix all the errors on the first document. You will need to staple the new document on top of the old document.
  2. Insert a picture of your vacation area. Use creative commons search and find a non copy protected image. Have the text wrap around the picture.
  3. Give the author of the image credit at the bottom of the document.
  4. Add a .25 first line indent. Remove the left and right indents that were added above.
  5. Change the margin of the document to right and left 2″ and top and bottom to 1.5″
  6. Include a bulleted list in your document of 3 or 4 places to visit on your vacation (restaurants, hotels, list of cities, etc.), Include an address for each.
  7. Put a title at the top of your document with the name of your vacation destination. Use a decorative font (not sans serif or serif).
  8. Add a footer that includes page number out of xx pages on the right.
  9. Remove your name and date from the top of the document and put them in a right aligned header instead.
  10. Save and print

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