Creative Commons

Learning Target: Evaluate images found on the internet to identify copyright (can’t use) vs. creative commons (can use).

Everyone is subject to Copyright…even the President

Watch this Creative Commons Explanation on CC

Penalty for Copyright or Digital Theft vs. other crimes – Can you afford $150,000 for each illegally downloaded song?

Put this attribution helper on your Chrome Bookmark bar! Open the link and drag the blue button on your bookmark bar. When you have a flickr image open, click on the link in the tool bar and it will automatically create the attribution for you.

Click here for more information on how Copyright and Creative Commons works (3/2019)

Completing the My Sentence assignment watch this video :
or: or use an android phone and barscanner and click on the image here:

How many Creative Commons Images are on Flickr?

Search for Creative Commons Images here:

Copyright School

What is Creative Commons

Click here if the link above doesn’t work:

How does it work:

Video from class:

Creative Commons PowerPoint from Alvin Trusty on Vimeo.

This is an example of a website that used a creative commons image that I took, with proper attribution.

Search creative commons licenses:

Other links:

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