Course Description – Syllabus

This course examines communications technology from a media perspective. Students will develop knowledge and skills as they design and produce media projects in the areas of live, recorded, and graphic communications. These areas may include TV, video, and movie production; radio and audio production; print and graphic communications; photography; digital imaging; broadcast journalism; ebooks; and interactive new media. Students will also develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will explore college and university programs and career opportunities in the various communications technology fields

Students are required to work on productions in class as well as outside of class. This class emphasizes real world business skills like accountability, the importance of teamwork, and professionalism. Grades for this course will consist of how the student manages his/her time, class assignments, and assessment on production performances and written tests. Student produced video will be appropriate for display at MHS (such as the cafeteria computers), or run across our MediaCom channel or be placed on the Internet.

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