Resort Project

Informative and Persuasive Web Page about a Resort-3 pages minimum

Must make up the resort and not copy a resort. Should have a theme like: beach, cabin, ski, big city, ranch, fishing, hunting, snorkeling, amusement park or big city.

  • Text & Text Color-limit white backgrounds
  • Backgrounds-add value to the pages, be consistent
  • Links-to each other and outside sources. Be sure to change default link and v-link colors
    • Internal Links-navigation bars, words, pictures
    • External Links-2 hotspots
    • Anchors-for long pages must have 1
  • Bulleted list or Numbered List-1 required
  • 1 tables (at least 3×3)
  • Rollover Images (4 required) (use your navigation menu)
  • Fireworks-2 original pictures (or pictures with attribution). Modify at least 3 of them.
  • Flash-1-8 second flash movies (or 2-4 second movies). Can be a slide show
  • Must pass W3 Validation

Grading Rubric


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