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Working Smarter Not Harder in the Computer Classroom
Drinking Upstream from the Herd

Illinois Business Education Association Fall Workshop, November 8, 2012:

Steve Jobs “Good artists copy; great artists steal

Jay Bohnsack, Moline High School

Computer Concepts 1 & 2, Computer Programming 1 & 2, Digital Media (Web Design 1, Computer Applications 1 & 2)

What I did this summer…( or

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to post them at: 

 November 9  2011 Pew Internet Report on Teens and Social Networking

November 1, 2012 Pew Internet Report How Teens Research on the Internet

Web 2.0 Wiki-Drinking Upstream Wiki

Visitweets #edtech

One Minute on Facebook

Things I use in my computer lab:


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