Job Interview Questions

Work with a partner, visit the padlet wall. One partner will answer the question, the other will post the answer while showing all work.

This leads us to bizarre interview questions. Read this article and this article/slide show. Pick a question (don’t cheat and google the answer) and write a blog post about the question and try and determine the answer. Blog about your thought process and what some of the important facts that you will have to have knowledge of in order to answer the question. Do your best to answer the question…show your work or process in answering.

Now, search Google and see if you can find the correct answer(s). Many of these have multiple answers (or no correct answer). Select the answer that you would most agree with and continue with your blog. Blog about how you concluded this is the best answer. Be specific, what facts helped you deduct your answer.

This blog post should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs (with 4-5 sentences each). Show depth in your post and link back to the answers (put the link where you got your solution in your blog). When you are finished with your blog post, go to the padlet wall and post your answer / check your work with others.


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