Looking for the best jobs in the U S?


flickr photo by c_ambler https://flickr.com/photos/chazoid/2720104786 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Your in the right spot! The top jobs in the United States all revolve around technology according to this USA Today article.

According to the article ” These days, almost every company is in some way a tech company, requiring workers who are able to create and maintain a firm’s technological infrastructure.”

  1. Read the article above.
  2. Click on the link about the 50 best jobs.
  3. Select two different jobs on the list and explore the available jobs, including description and experience (education, etc.)
  4. Of the two, choose one and write a blog post, including a brief general description of the job (use google), a more detailed decription of the job listed, salary range for the job, and what experiences are necessary (education, job experience, etc.)
  5. Be sure to publish your blog post.

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