Technology Leaders

The Pirates of Silicon Valley documentary showed the growth and competition among Apple and Microsoft. It highlighted Steve Jobs and Bill Gates competitiveness, ingenuity and creativity along with some deceitful business practices. We have also looked at John Atanasoff and his contribution to modern technology both past and today with his concept of binary, regenerative memory and boolean logic (True / False). There have been several other influences in modern technology including:

  • Jeff Bezos – Amazon
  • Sergei Brynn – Google
  • Larry Page – Google
  • Mark Cuban -Micro Solutions, Shark Tank
  • Paul Allen – Microsoft
  • Satya Nadella – current CEO Microsoft
  • Steve Wozniak – Apple
  • Tim Cook – current CEO Apple
  • Jack Dorsey – Twitter, Square 
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook
  • Other…..

Pick the person that you feel has had the biggest impact of modern computing (computers, mobile devices, internet, etc.).

Write a Weebly blog post that includes:

  • a brief paragraph explaining who the person is, a brief biography, including their highest level of education.
  • a paragraph stating why you think that person has the largest influence
  • include a picture of the person (from the internet)
  • include a picture of the logo from their company
  • include a link to a video of a keynote, ted talk or interview with the individual.

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