Can you multi-task? or Why can’t I have my phone in class?

Students think they can do many things at a time and do them all well. There are many studies and articles out  that contradict that belief. A recent article (1/24/2015) can be found here was based on research conducted at West Point. This article (11/15/16) compares distracted web surfing to second hand smoke. More recently this research …

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Happy 19th Birthday Google

Today is Google’s 19th Birthday. Here are some fun facts about Google. Write a quick blog post about what you think the most important google product is and why! The video below explains some Google Hacks you can try. Tomorrow, we will do some google searching!

Technology Leaders

The Pirates of Silicon Valley documentary showed the growth and competition among Apple and Microsoft. It highlighted Steve Jobs and Bill Gates competitiveness, ingenuity and creativity along with some deceitful business practices. We have also looked at John Atanasoff and his contribution to modern technology both past and today with his concept of binary, regenerative …

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