Technology Career Document & Presentation


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One page paper (minimum) using Google Docs

login here to get to your Google Docs account:

  • Should be computer or technology related, but doesn’t have to be just computers. Could be networking, game design, digital video, wireless networking, iphone developer, etc. Find a career that you have some interest in!
  • The paper should include information about the job or career, specific requirements:
    •  college,
    • coursework or classes
    • work experience
    • prerequisite knowledge
  • The document should include:
    • salary information and
    • future job outlook – how much demand or growth will there be in this career
  • Include one creative commons image that reflect your job, should be no larger than 2 inches by 2 inches. Be sure to give proper attribution.
  • Include information about one job that is advertised on the internet (see, or another job site). Include information about the job such as salary, location, description and any other relevant information that reinforces the content in your career document. Include a link in the text to the job posting-like I did with or above (do not include this in your bibliography).
  • Use Easybib for your bibliography (3 sources) – This can be found under the More tab (while logged into Google Docs). This will use your Gdocs account and save the bibliography in your Google Documents.

Some good starting web pages are:

Part 2-Presentation

Use the information from your career document and turn it into a 5 or more slide presentation in google docs.

  • The last slide must be your bibliography and attribution page. Be sure you have links (not just a copy of your easy bib page)
  • Use pictures ( as often as you can that help make your presentation more interesting.
  • The font and layout should avoid the CRAP principals, use the information from the How To Create A Great Powerpoint 2.0.
  • You should not have to read your presentation while still getting the information. No sentences, no bullets!

The rubric below will be used in evaluating your career document and presentation.


Part 3-UGLY Presentation

Make a copy of your career presentation. Name it Ugly Presentation hs (your initials).

  • The last slide must be your bibliography and attribution page. Be sure you have links (not just a copy of your easy bib page)
  • Use random clip art instead of pictures.
  • Violate as many of the  CRAP principals as you can, use comments and identify how you broke the rules!
  • Make up one of your own principals (and break it). Be sure to comment!
  • Use rambling sentences, small fonts and bullets!
  • Make it UGLY!! Think about some of the horrible powerpoints you have seen as a student and duplicate what made them bad.

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