Evaluating Websites

Lesson Plan for the Critical Evaluation of the Web:

1) Watch this Common Craft Video

or this youtube video:

2) What is a URL? Watch the youtube video:

3) Read about the CRAP test:


4) Complete the Internet Detective Tutorial

Internet Detective

Internet Detective

5) Who owns the websites? Use easyWhois.com  or Whois.net. Or better yet, try this: http://www.quarkbase.com

To use Whois.net, you need to only enter the domain name (not the complete URL).

domain name

So, in the example above, only enter the iteachtech.com part not the entire URL. Be sure to select correct extension (and NOT type it in the text box).

-updated 4.11.11

6) Lets evaluate: California’s Velcro Crop Under Challenge: http://www.umbachconsulting.com/miscellany/velcro.html
Did you know about the Velcro shortage in California?

7) Download this form and evaluate one of the sites below (for extra credit, you can evaluate another one):

8) Check out Snopes-http://www.snopes.com/

9) Resources:
The University of Missouri’s eMINTS education site: Evaluating and Using Internet Resources

Swine Flu Advice

10) Take the Quiz-http://www.classzone.com/books/research_guide/page_build.cfm?content=postquiz&state=none

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  1. Did form and questions printed copy of finished form just in case.Some questions did not make sense,were not clear,or had no use to me,however I answered to the best of my ability.Form needs more space to type besides one letter for questions that require more than one letter answers.Took quiz was pretty easy.

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