Excel Spreadsheets

What is a Spreadsheet – Common Craft Video (3:40)

Why Lean Excel? The key to a good paying job!

Introduction to Spreadsheet:

What is a Spreadsheet?

Custom Guide Excel Quick Reference (pdf)

**For some of the assignments in the text, you will need student data files, you can find them here: A Guide To Microsoft Office 2010 Data Files

Excel Help from Microsoft web site

Excel 2010 for Dummies

Excel PowerPoint from class:

Learning Excel Spreadsheets:

  1. Notes
  2. Read P.207-216. Do Practice 1 (P. 210) and Practice 2 (P. 214). Save but don’t print
  3. Complete Tutorial Entering Text and Numbers (Skip this one)

Using Formulas:

  1. Read P. 217-224. Do Practice (P. 218), Practice 3 (P. 221), Practice 4 (P. 224), Review vocabulary (P.239-240)
  2. Complete Tutorial Formatting Text and Performing Mathematical Calculations
  3. Excel Assignment Cluster 1 (Metric, Temp & Activity)


  1. Read P. 259-P.274. Do Practices
  2. Complete Tutorial Numbers and Calculations
  3. Excel Assignment Cluster 3
  4. Watch the Lynda video (this should be 1.)
Adding numbers using Sum and AutoSum

View this entire Excel course and more in the lynda.com Online Training Library®.

Creating Charts

  1. Complete Office 2010 Chart Tutorial or Mac 2011 Chart Tutorial (or 2003 Tutorial Creating Charts)
  2. Assignment Cluster 3

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