Illinois Cyberbully Law

January 1, 2012, H.B. 3281 “The board may suspend or by regulation authorize the superintendent of the district or the principal, assistant principal, or dean of students of any school to suspend a student for a period not to exceed 10 school days or may expel a student for a definite period of time not to exceed 2 calendar years, as determined on a case by case basis, if (i) that student has been determined to have made an explicit threat on an Internet website against a school employee, a student, or any school-related personnel, (ii) the Internet website through which the threat was made is a site that was accessible within the school at the time the threat was made or was available to third parties who worked or studied within the school grounds at the time the threat was made, and (iii) the threat could be reasonably interpreted as threatening to the safety and security of the threatened individual because of his or her duties or employment status or status as a student inside the school. (

Public Act 095-0849

Punishment = Class 4 felony

Student Expelled for Facebook posting

15 year old girl posts cyberbully story.then kills herself one month later (October 2012)

Channel 1-Cyberbully video:

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