The Cloud

Videos explaining the Cloud :

skydrive video-

dropbox, google drive, skydrive-

Google Drive –

iCloud –

Pogue –



  1. Sign up for a skydrive account. If you have a hotmail account or X Box live account, you probably already have one. Use the same e-mail you used for Weebly.
  2. In the skydrive word document, answer the following questions:
    1. Read the following article: How Cloud Computing Works.
    2. In your own words, in your skydrive document, explain what cloud computing is.
    3. List 3 types of cloud computing sites and explain how they can each be good and bad. Do a google search if you can’t think of any, but use cloud services that you are familiar with. For example Weebly…why is it good and why is it bad?
    4. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and your digital lifestyle, is cloud computing a good idea? Make sure you give examples of how it could benefit you and the risks involved.  I’m asking you to take a stand on this one and not be grey zone (i.e pick both sides).p.s post any links that would help illustrate your point.
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