Entertainment Critic

The school newspaper has an opening for an entertainment critic. You need to submit a sample review to them for publication. A review should include:

  • Title
  • Name of movie, concert, play, art show, or event
  • Date of review
  • Intended audience (young children, children, teen, young adult, adult)
  • Rating, if applicable (G, PG, PG-13, and so on)
  • Type of movie, music, play, art, or event
  • Name of producer or gallery
  • Name of director, if applicable
  • Name of actors, band members, artist, headliner, or main attraction
  • Summary of the movie or play, without giving away surprise moments or the ending.
  • Comparison to similar movies, concerts, plays, art shows, or events
  • Your overall rating

a) In a new document create a 4 to 5 paragraph review of a recent movie, concert, play, art show, or similar event that you attended. A review should be written based on facts and without bias. Be sure to include the appropriate information as listed above. You can use the Internet Movie Database to help with some of the information, but the review should be your own?

Stop here for part a. Save this as Critic

Peer edit put comments at the bottom of the page- right

Part 2

  1. Create a center aligned, bold title that has the name of the event that was reviewed. Use a Sans Serif font, size 18.
  2. Underline any titles and  italicize titles, such as the title of a movie or a song title.
  3. Justify the body of the review.
  4. Include a first line indent of .5 inches and 12 points of space after each paragraph.
  5. Put your name and period at the bottom of the document.
  6. Check the document on screen and correct any errors and misspellings.

Stop Save your file and print and turn into the basket.

Part 3

  1. Fix all the errors on the first document. You will need to staple the new document on top of the old document.
  2. In a new paragraph to the end of the review  include a symbol that displays how many “star ” you would give the event. You can use any symbol you choose that would appropriately represent your rating. I chose a smiley face.
  3. In another paragraph, put the the number of words in the article.
  4. Add a left footer with the file name and right footer with the word Page-#(#=actual page number). You can use the auto text to do this.
  5. Take your picture with the camera in the computer and insert it in the article. Make the size approximately 2 inches wide by 3 inches long. Wrap the text around your picture. Place it on the front page.
  6. Check the document on screen and correct any errors and misspellings.

Save and print. Staple the new document on top of the old document and turn it in the bin.

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