MTV Show

The Weekly Show is the primary activity done in this class, and as such, is plays a major role determining each student’s grade.  The purpose of this show is to enlighten and entertain all Moline High School personnel; therefore, it is important that each groups attempt to make each show appealing in a general sense.  The show should be 8 to 10 minutes.

Here are some examples of a pretty good show: York High TV

Open this document to see specific requirements.

  • Complete this storyboard and share with mrb(a) mhsstudents (dot) net
  • Make a copy of this Project Assignments document, fill out the relevant information, share with mrb(a) mhsstudents (dot) net
  • Upload edited video to your vimeo account through iMovie and e-mail link tomrb(a) mhsstudents (dot) net

Grading Rubric Here!

Click on the link below to access all of the documents:

Free teleprompter(Use this instead of reading a script) –

Here are some sample school shows:

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