Google Reader

What is RSS?

What is Google Reader?

Welcome to Google Reader


  1. Start a Google Reader account (use your address)
  2. Add subscriptions to the following blogs:
    2. a tech blog of your choosing
    3. a news blog of your choosing (, qctimes, new york times, usa today, etc.)
    4. a personal blog of someone (appropriate for school) such as an athlete, writer, farm blog, etc.)
    5. any other blog that you would like to subscribe to
  3. Open your iGoogle page and add Google Reader as a gadget on the front of your page.

Next Project:

Comment on two of the blogs that you have subscribed to. Post the comment, for your comments below. Be sure to include your first name, last initial, class period and the links to your two comments.



    1. I had to log into leave a comment but i never did log in. This article basicly breaks down the championship game tonight. If anyone did not know of the game tonight then this website would make the person know every angle of the game and its hype.

    2. This article is about Americans trying new ways to save some cash. The American people are trying new things that were done in the old days when a gallon of gas and milk were under a dollar

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